August 24th, 2009

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  • 16:49 I just voted "KERI HILSON" on "WHO DRESSES BETTER CIARA OR KERI HILSON????" Vote now: #
  • 16:59 @iMeril speakin of that kanye teddy bear/dat ass meme: #
  • 19:53 watching GOF. fuck yeah bad ass Durmstrang entrance. KARKY!!!!!!!! <3 #
  • 20:25 GOOD >:( #
  • 20:37 @Stassi09 i'd rather eat battered chiken heads than get that flop ass album #
  • 11:35 LOL!! @ the She Don't Want A Man vid. XD great morning #
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STOCK: food - blueberries


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ewwwwwww is that Brooke Hogan i see? i don't mean the 'fat friend', either :P

Asher Roth is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug. if this single even makes the top 20, it'll only be b/c of Keri
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