August 26th, 2009

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reposted and fixed PISSED OFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!

Full list of fall season premiere dates!!

the ones i give a shit about are in bold :) as always!

Tuesday, September 8
8 pm 90210 (The CW)
9 pm Melrose Place (NEW! The CW)
10 pm Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Wednesday, September 9
8 pm America's Next Top Model (The CW)
8 pm So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
9 pm Glee (Fox)

Thursday, September 10
8 pm The Vampire Diaries (NEW! The CW)
9 pm Supernatural (The CW)

Monday, September 14
8 pm One Tree Hill (The CW)
9 pm Gossip Girl (The CW)
10 pm The Jay Leno Show (NEW! NBC)

Wednesday, September 16
9 pm The Beautiful Life (NEW! The CW)
(FOX) 8 PM - Glee

Thursday, September 17
8 pm Bones(FOX)
8 pm Survivor: Samoa (CBS)
8 pm Saturday Night Live Weekend Update (NBC)
8:30 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC)
9 pm The Office (NBC)
9 pm Fringe (FOX)
9:30 pm Community (NEW! NBC)
10 pm It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)

Friday, September 18
(FOX) 8 PM - Brothers
(FOX) 8:30 PM - Til Death
(FOX) 9 PM - Dollhouse

Monday, September 21
8 pm House (FOX)
8 pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
8 pm Dancing With The Stars (ABC)
8 pm Heroes (NBC)
8:30 pm Accidentally on Purpose (NEW! CBS)
9 pm Two And A Half Men (CBS)
9:30 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
10 pm Castle (ABC)
10 pm CSI: Miami (CBS)

Tuesday, September 22
8 pm NCIS (CBS)
9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (NEW! CBS)
10 pm The Forgotten (NEW! ABC)
10 pm The Good Wife (NEW! CBS)

Wednesday, September 23
8 pm The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
8 pm Mercy (NEW! NBC)
8:30 pm Gary Unmarried (CBS)
9 pm Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
9 pm Modern Family (NEW! ABC)
9 pm Criminal Minds (CBS)
9:30 pm Cougar Town (NEW! ABC)
10 pm CSI: New York (CBS)
10 pm Eastwick (NEW! ABC)

Thursday, September 24
(ABC) 7 PM - Flash Forward
(ABC) 8 PM Grey's Anatomy
(CBS) 8 PM CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(CBS) 9 PM The Mentalist

Friday, September 25
8 pm FlashForward (NEW! ABC)
9 pm Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
9 pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
9 pm Dollhouse (FOX)
10 pm The Mentalist (CBS)

Sunday, September 27
7 pm Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
8 pm The Simpsons (FOX)
8 pm Amazing Race (CBS)
8:30 pm The Cleveland Show (NEW! FOX)
9 pm Family Guy (FOX)
9:30 pm American Dad (FOX)
9 pm Desperate Housewives (ABC)
9 pm Dexter (Showtime)
10 pm Cold Case (CBS)
10 pm Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
10 pm Californication (Showtime)

Monday, September 28
9 pm Lie to Me (FOX)
9 pm Trauma (NEW! NBC)

Tuesday, September 29
8 pm Hell's Kitchen (Fox)
8 pm Shark Tank (NEW! ABC)
9 pm So You Think You Can Dance (Time Period Premiere)
9 pm Dancing With The Stars (ABC)

Wednesday, September 30
8 pm Hank (NEW! ABC)
8:30 pm The Middle (NEW! ABC)

Thursday, October 1
10 pm Private Practice (ABC)

Friday, October 2
8:30 pm 'Til Death (FOX)
9 pm Stargate Universe (SyFy)

Sunday, October 4
9 pm Three Rivers (NEW! CBS)

Thursday, October 8
(NBC) 7 P.M. - Community

Friday, October 9
8 pm Ugly Betty (ABC)

Thursday, October 15
9:30 pm 30 Rock (NBC)

Friday, October 23
10 pm White Collar (NEW! USA)

Tuesday, November 3
8 pm V (NEW! ABC)

Early 2010
(FOX) 24 (Sunday, January 17 @ 9 PM)



i'll just fucking list what i'm excited for. shit man.......
90210, Melrose Place, Sons of Anarchy, America's Next Top Model, Glee, The Jay Leno Show, Fringe, Community, Numb3rs, House, Heroes, Flash Forward, The Mentalist, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Flashpoint, Lie To Me, Trauma, Hell's Kitchen


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STOCK: food - blueberries

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