August 31st, 2009

STOCK: food - blueberries


hey guys. just doing a quick update. horah. the weekend was SO DAMN BORING! no internet is KILLING ME. i got TONS of emails to check. urgh. so damn behind. whatever. :/

i'm trying to keep myself busy. cleaning, going out, etc. i'm actually getting off my ass for once. no choice really. :/

so i'm guessing our internet will be back on friday. my sister is strugglin :( i feel so bad. damn. she barely has any money left for rent. FFFFFFFFF!!! D:

soooooo did i miss anything? other than DJ AM's death. i didn't know until yesterday. ha! see if i was around, i'd know the moment it happened. wow. i rely on the intarwebs a little too much

anyway, i'll be back on wednesday to check more mail. urrrrrrrrrrrrrgh this SUCKS
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