September 27th, 2009

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  • 05:15 i slept for 13 hrs. from 3pm yesterday to 4am this morning. feelin kinda sick :[ #
  • 07:27 @chillypho she will :) she's gonna collaborate with Timbaland again for her next english album! #
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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I'm sorry guys. :( I've been feeling sick since i had that damn bean dip from the grocery store 3 weeks ago. first it was indigestion problems. now it's seems to be a head cold of some kind. i'm really REALLY tired. and dizzy.....light headaches....coughing from time to time...and my eyes burn from any kind of light. i just feel....odd. :/ i kinda thought it was just me freaking out cuz of Swine Flu (i'm at risk since i got asthma)..but i doubt it. i don't go out too often...and my family isn't sick.

it's odd. when my family is sick i'm not..and when i'm sick they're not. o_O

so..with that said. i can't stay up for very long. i have to keep laying down. i slept for 13 hrs yesterday (3pm saturday afternoon-4am sunday morning)..i only woke up cuz i was hungry. and i keep missing my shows and i have to download and record. i just..don't wanna be awake. i HATE THIS. i'm sleeping my life away. i'm probably just worrying over nothing. it's probably depression and poor diet.

so if i'm not posting at communities i make graphics in..I'M SORRY. i can't stay awake. i feel like crap. i'm just gonna post the Halloween pick ups linking to my photobucket account..i do NOT have time to copy and paste every icon. and i don't think i'm gonna make the other Halloween icon i promised until i get better.

so yeah..just sayin'. i don't want people to expect to much of me right now.

well..........back to bed! -_-
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