October 16th, 2009

STOCK: food - blueberries

Daily Shizz

Today's rants and whatnot consist of..

  • 23:17 so what went down today #kerikrew? #
  • 23:22 just voted "no" on "Do you think this pricture is real ?" vote too ➔ bit.ly/3VWYGD #
  • 23:27 why did all the dinosaurs die out? cuz you touch yourself at night #
  • 00:27 just voted "11. Tell HimThe Truth" on "What Is Your Fave Song On Keri Hilson's Album?" vote too ➔ bit.ly/xsHZL #
  • 00:45 just voted "classical **Harry Potter **" on "Harry Potter vs Twilight (best of the best)" vote too ➔ bit.ly/3sIESW #
  • 00:47 just voted "@Cory_McCloskey" on "Which Fox 10 (KSAZ Phoenix) news host do you like best?" vote too ➔ bit.ly/3EL82r #
  • 00:50 just voted "Stephen King" on "Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer?" vote too ➔ bit.ly/11jHHZ #
  • 01:31 just voted "Christina Milian" on "Which is your favorite Latina??" vote too ➔ bit.ly/1r4wE2 #
  • 07:42 I AM SO SICK OF CONSTANTLY BEING SICK. for the past fucking month. i can't go anywhere i want now cuz i feel like shit. uuuuuuuuuugh #
  • 08:23 @Msponagle will it only be Brent at the signing or will other cast members be there?? #
  • 11:14 WOOOOHOOO!!!! NEW TIMBALAND TRACK TODAY!! YAYYYYYY!!! did you guys know keri is one of the writers for it? (Morning After Dark) #
  • 11:15 she wrote the hook part of it #
  • 11:16 i wish Timbaland would stop doing that "fikki fikki" type of sound he does. it's getting annoying :| #
Another annoying Twitter post courtesty of LoudTwitter