February 28th, 2010

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DO THIS TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! *not cutting since it's just text for god sakes*

a b o u t y o u ;
• whats your full name - Lauren Marie Melms
• how old are you - 27
• what's your occupation - annoyance
• where were you born - Phoenix, AZ
• what are your nicknames - LaurenM, Lori, ihearttoronto

y o u r a p p e a r a n c e ;
• what color are your eyes - Blue
• what type of body structure do you have - i'm in shape. round is a shape
• what do you like best about your body - My eyes
• what do you dislike about your body - my big ass nose
• do you have braces, glasses or contacts - glasses :( OLD glasses lol!
• what kind of hair style do you have - medium lengh. straight
• do you have a nice smile - i guess
• do you have freckles - lol no
• do you have dimples - no
• do you find yourself hot - uhhhhhh hotter than most people my size

y o u r s c h o o l l i f e ;
• are you doing good in school - i did..when i was in school
• what's your average - C
• what's your best subject - music
• what's your worst subject - Maths :P ick
• had you ever failed a test this school year - n/a
• who else knows your locker combo - n/a
• had you ever failed a class - yah i failed chemistry. good thing i didn't really even need that class! XD
• what school do you go to - Draggin' University ........... XD
• what grade are you in - n/a

l o v e a n d i t s g o o d t h i n g s / r e l a t i o n s h i p s ;
• are you in a relationship - is
• who is the lucky person - Zach
• what do you look for in a relationship - trust

l o v e a n d i t s b e l i e f s ;
• love at first sight - no
• loving someone forever - probably
• online relationships - yah
• long distance relationships - yah
• cheating - you're a loser if you do it

f r i e n d s h i p s ;
• best guy friends - Chris, David, um.......hmm...i dunno
• best girl friends - Zoe
• did you lose any friends - yah....FOR NO REASON. they're stupid
• did you make any new friends - yah
• where do you meet most of your friends - on teh intarwebs
• would you die for your best friend - no. except for Zoe. i'd take a bullet for her
• do you know your true friends - yah

y o u r b e l i e f s ;
• God - for sure!
• gay / bi / lesbians - i got a lot of them. they're awesome. it doesn't matter who you love, IMO
• santa - lol no
• heaven - oui oui
• hell - yah
• global warming - probably i guess. i dunno. don't care
• abortion - If it's really needed

y o u r l a s t s ;
• person you talked to on the computer: Chris
• person you hugged - probably my sister
• person who hugged you - ^
• person you called - David
• person to call you - David
• thing to get you happy - Canada winning the hockey Game! :D :D :D
• thing to make you laugh - how bad the new Ciara leak is XD thank god that shit is a demo

y e s t e r d a y ;
• what did you do - hmm....can't remember. the usual boring shit i do on a saturday
• did you enjoy yesterday - no
• what did you eat - hmm..tacos.....ice cream.....ummm..can't remember. random shit.
• who did you spend the most of your time with - no one but my cat lol!
• what did you wear - a shirt and shorts. :|

t o d a y ;
• what did you do - watch olympics closing ceremonies and went to the grocery store. also got the fresco taco from Taco Bell. yum!
• did you kiss anyone today - Naw :(
• what are you wearing - a snoopy winter long shirt...shorts
• did you enjoy today - sure
• what time are you going to sleep- tomorrow morning. maybe around 8 or 9.

t o m m o r o w ;
• what are your plans - watch my monday night shows..i dunno. work in PhotoShop or something. probably make a Keri fan mix.
• what will you wear - my usual shit
• will you enjoy tomorrow - I hope so
• will you be out of the house - no
• are you going to sleep in - no. need to wake up to watch my shows lol!

y o u r w h o s ' ; )
• who do you truly love - my family. especially my cat <3 and my friends too!!
• who do you truly hate - KERI HATERS!!!!!!!! DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• who can you tell everything to - Zoe. lol
• who can you tell almost everything to - ditto
• who do you miss right now - David. it's been months since we hung out. i miss him and his family :(
• who do you want to talk to right now - Chris, David, and Daniel
• who do you need - a canadian man for my own. preferably an aboriginal hunk!!
• who do you want - ditto

h a v e y o u e v e r ;
• played strip poker - no
• skinny dipped - yes
• sang in front of a crowd - no
• had sex - yes
• failed a test - yes
• kissed the same sex - no
• cried yourself to sleep - maybe
• punched a wall - no
• cut yourself - no
• commited suicide - would i be typing if i did?? but no. not even attempted to
• ran around naked - no
• gotten a hickey - yes

y o u r p a s t / c h i l d h o o d ;
• how was it - bad. i was lonely. and picked on a lot. urgh. made me the person i am today. :|
• what school did you go to - Catalina Ventura. the worst school EVER. and Central High School
• where did you live - sadly.......Phoenix :|
• who were your close friends - Rebecca Stern. she WAS my bff. but now she's not talking to me. she HATES Zach. urgh. i hate when ppl judge my boyfriends. STFU!!!!!!!!!!!
• did you enjoy your childhood - no

y o u r f u t u r e ;
• do you want to get married - maybe
• do you want kids - FUCK NO. just cats. those are the only children i want. hehe
• what do you want to be - in the graphic design biz maybe
• what do you think your future would be like - average. hopefully not a failure
• do you have anyone you want to spend the rest of you life with - no
• where do you want your wedding to be - CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• where do you want your honey moon to take place - hmm. maybe a tropical place. i dunno

' x ' a p p l y t o w h a t e v e r y o u a r e f e e l i n g ;
[x] happy
[ ] angry
[ ] sad
[]missing someone
[ ] depressed
[ ]stressed
[ ]overwhelmed
[x] horny
[ ] hating someone / people
[] crazy
[ ] lifeless
[ ] confused
[ ] scared
[ ] worried
[x] lazy

y o u r h e a l t h ;
• honestly, how healthy are you - it'll be better. i'm on a sugar-free die and i've already lost 1 lb or 2 :D
• are you active - sadly no. although i need to be if i wanna lose weight
• do you like sports - no
• what shampoo do you use - whatever we have
• do you eat vegetables - yah
• do you eat fruit - yah
• do you eat fast food - yah
• do you eat junk food - yah
• do you go outside a lot - no

y o u r f a m i l y ;
• are you closer with your mom or dad - no. mom dead, dad is dead to me
• do you like your mom or dad more - liked mom more
• do you have any siblings - 2 bros, 2 sis's. that i know of
• do you like your cousins - i probably do on dads side
• are your parents still together - no
• do you hate your parents - FUCK YOU DAD
• is your family scattered around the world - around the US yeah

y o u r f a v o r i t e s ;
• store - Fresh & Easy
• season - fall
• weather - when it's rainy. but not warm & rainy..but cold & rainy
• shoe brand - n/a
• person - TONY MUNCH!!!!! always and forever!!!!
• videogame - Hover. it was a Win95 game. lol!!
• anime - EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
• singer - Keri Hilson. and Amerie.
• band - Evanescence
• genre of music - hip-hop, rap, r&b..for now.
• genre of movie - comedies that ARE NOT FUCKING ROMANTIC ONES EWWWWW
• food - Spaghetti, pizza, tacos
• class - music, computing
• day of the week - monday
• color - purple

*sorry if you get this multiple times. i'm cross posting*
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