March 28th, 2010

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i'm alive......sort of

I guess I should update this thing. :/ hmm......where to start

*I've been a little sick these past few days. Not sure what's wrong. I'm tired, stomach is upset, i get the runs, frequent headaches, body pains...etc. i have my monthly visitor right now so that might be a contributor. I just.....don't feel like doing anything

*I had a nightmare that i molested my cat. O_O heard cat. my precious cat Zoe. O_O I was using my pinky and rubbing know. I woke up and felt so damn disgusted. i would NEVER do that to her. ew ew ew ew can't get that image out of my head D: D: D:

*So a whole bunch of songs from various artists (Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Christina Milian, etc) leaked the other day and the whole 'net has been in a frenzy. I'm quite happy that 20-something Keri songs leaked. demos, i might add. no NEW new stuff. And she is NOT happy about it. i think she wrote some of the stealing these tracks are kind of stealing 'children'. so i understand her frustration. still.....i love having 'new' stuff from her. I don't know when her new album will come out, but this will hold me well until it does :) woot!!!!!

*So me and Zach are official now. on Valentine's Day we had a nice little talk about where our relationship is going. He doesn't want any bullshit and he doesn't wanna wait anymore. He's 31 and he ain't getting younger. He just came out and said those 3 words and whatnot. I'm still not really trusting him, though. The trust needs to build. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!! and he asked me to move in with him one day if it gets serious!! :D :D :D i'm all for it. i wanna get the fuck outta here. plus i love his apartment. I obviously need a job first. and he needs a new's hard and lumpy :( anyhoo, we both were all about the sex in the we've changed our minds. FINALLY i got a man who'll actually pay attention to me. he's funny, talkative, nice, sensual, opposite of my ex charles. lol! and there are feelings there now. and we're gonna go ahead and act on them :) he's a great guy (so far) and i hope everyone gives him a chance. i kinda lost a friendship cuz of him. she is a judgmental bitch who think he's the worst guy for me. WHATEVER. jealous ho. lol.

i'm just........REALLY tired right now. so i'm gonna go ahead and go to bed :) yay

just lettin ya know i'm not dead.......yet
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