April 28th, 2010

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So i changed monitors. to a stupid CRT one :/ but hey at least it's not burned out. but still.....it KIND OF sucks. there is a vertical lines overlay on the screen and it's buggin the hell out of me. how am i supposed to make graphics with this shit? oh well.

my eyes are BURNING. D: i'm not sure how bright it should be. or what percent the RGB color controls should be. i have them at 100%. anyone know?? my contrast is @ 70 and my brightness is @ 0. i have adobe gamma loaded, too. so that makes a difference (before i restarted the computer the brightness/contrast was much different. when i restarted it suddenly got lighter for some reason)

maaaaaaaaaan i can already feel a headache coming on and i've only been on this computer for 3 1/2 hours already. sigh. sister needs to get more ibuprofen now. lol!
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