May 3rd, 2010

STOCK: food - blueberries


So me, my boyfriend and his friends went to a bar the other night. Well more of a pool hall actually. and me & bf sat at a table while his friends played pool. there was a pool table next to us that had mexicans and a pool table on the other side of us who were rednecks. O_O so you know where this is going. :/

the mexicans and rednecks kept staring at each other. and we were just chillin, enjoying ourselves. but that didn't last. so a redneck yells out "DID YOU BRING YOUR PAPERS ALONG WITH YOUR ID?"....and one of the mexicans went over and tried to fight. my bf's drunk ass friend goes "Why can't we all love each other, man?" and he almost got punched himself. so bf pulled on his arm to leave. it wasn't our business anyway.

we got out of there QUICK. we said nothing on the way to my bf's place. just shakin our heads :| damn.

so thanks goverment for fucking up this state and ruining our date :|

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