July 29th, 2010

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yayyy a meme no one will care about :(

The ABC's of me:

A - ACCENT: i don't feel like i have one, but EVERYONE has an accent. so i guess it's arizona-ish. idk. i don't have a southern accent that i can tell from

B - BREAST SIZE: well i have big knockers..that's for sure. DD i think. not sure what #

C - CHORE YOU HATE: all of em. cleaning up after kids and animals mostly

D - DAD'S NAME: asshole..i mean rick lol

E - ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEM: I don't wear any lol. but when i do it's my lipgloss. it's poppin hehe

F - FAVORITE PERFUME: don't wear it.

G - GOLD OR SILVER: gold i guess. i don't have any nice jewelry. i don't even wear it.

H - HOMETOWN: phoenix, az and proud. don't like it? go on twitter and complain

I - INSOMNIA: I have problems with this on a daily basis. takes FOREVER for me to fall asleep :(


K - KIDS: I have a cat. that counts

L - LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: i live in a fucking work garage on the front of the house. the winters and summers are god awful. i'm happy that i have privacy and whatnot, but it's not quiet.

M - MOM'S BIRTHPLACE: AZ (why does this matter? lol)

N - NUMBER OF APPLES YOU'VE EATEN: stupid. not answering this. :/

O - OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: probably had some when i was a kid

P - PHOBIA: POOL DRAINS O_O it's not crazy. remember that girl who got her intestines sucked out of her? yeah....................:( oh, and dogs.

Q - QUEST: moving to toronto

R - RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: christian. but not deeply religious. i'm a lazy ass :(

S - SIBLINGS: that i know of...2 sisters & 2 brothers. i'm the youngest of them lol

T - TIME YOU WAKE UP: late afternoon. i'm a night owl


V - VEGETABLE YOU REFUSE TO EAT: cauliflower? i dunno. it looks bland. and fresh broccoli. nastay

W - WORST HABIT: worrying

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: my left arm (when it broke) and my teeth

Y - YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: grilled cheese..i guess

Z - ZANY QUIRK: i laugh at the stupidest things. i dunno