November 18th, 2010

STOCK: food - blueberries

My tweets

  • Tue, 20:16: i hate Trev #hellskitchen
  • Tue, 20:32: like my layout and pic? :)
  • Tue, 20:33: wait a sec i need to change my pic lol
  • Tue, 20:34: k it's done :) NOW you can look :P
  • Tue, 20:36: RT @joannejpeg: I feel like risotto is all they cook on hell's kitchen. Not complaining, though. I love hearing Gordon Ramsay say risott ...
  • Tue, 20:38: #hellskitchen gtfo you bald ass motherfucker (Trev) fuck off asshole. get hair plugs lol
  • Tue, 20:40: i hope Gail or Jillian wins
  • Tue, 20:41: is it me or does keri looks a little "derp" in my pic? lolllll
  • Tue, 20:42: risotto looks like green troll puke. it's probably good tho
  • Tue, 20:44: i don't like christina aguilera's voice when she scream-sings. my ears start to hurt. sry2say :| i could barely stand the burlesque OST