November 20th, 2010

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I'm so damn sick of those Viagra spam entries. i saw three today in my flist. slowed my computer down. FUCK THAAAAAAAAAT. reported their ass.


i'm kinda sick right now. some stomach bug. i don't think i'm gonna see harry potter today. i also need a bath. i'm too tired right now. and my niece might not feel well since she had to go to the hospital the other day. i can wait until we're both better. but not TOO late. i wanna go by next weekend. i feel soooo left out. i wanna flail about the movie too *sobs*

i still need to finish the book. I've left off on "The Thief" chapter. if my calculations are correct, i have to read that one up until "Malfoy Manor"..that's where the movie splits, right? then i can use the next 6 months to finish after that. i wonder if i should read those chapters first before seeing the movie. it would take me a few days.


oh god i've not posted a freebie in weeks. :( i have one lined up but i've not posted it. i wanna go to bed so i'll do it when i wakeup. i'm a crappy maker :(

I shouldn't even call them "freebies" when i don't even really sell anything. i've sold my graphics once, though. I should really sell them. i think i would have a few buyers. plus i can always use the bus fare to look for jobs and whatnot lol!!


speaking of finding jobs... online classifieds are pissing me off. i apply a couple times a week but NO ONE FUCKING CALLS ME. or emails me back. wtffffffffffff i'm good enough!!!

perhaps i SHOULD sell my graphics. i could really make some bank doing this shit lol!! except the only way i can get paid is through the mail. i can't get a paypal account since i don't have any bank/credit/etc accounts. :/ i would have to accept checks and money orders only. which may make selling difficult :/ oh well.
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