November 22nd, 2010

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K well I did a friends cut. mostly inactive journals. If you still read my LJ and keep me even though i deleted you..well that's cool i guess.

If i didn't remove you, YAYYY CONGRATS!! :P

If anyone is sick of/bored/etc of me..well there's the door :P I don't want anyone to feel obligated to keep me. i won't cry over it lol! there are worst things to happen to me. haha

I was looking through my entries from years past (to see when *I*.. got Zoe) and i've found out that you guys commented a lot more back then. do i bore you now? :( only like...10% of you ever comment on a regular basis. as for me, i TRY my best to be active w/you guys. although i don't have as many responsibilities at the moment like a lot of you do, i DO have a life. and i'm busy. contrary to popular belief.

so if no1curr about what i have to say, you can unfriend me. :) just don't be ghosts. a simple "hi how are ya" would be nice. especially on IMs. i only like IM 4 people on a regular basis. kinda sad :/ *cough*myIMscreennamesareonmyuserinfo*cough*


anyhoo, DEATHLY HALLOWS TOMORROW!! :D finally yayyyyyyy :D :D :D
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