November 30th, 2010

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  • Mon, 01:05: @Karina_Fansite so......who's side are you on?? :/
  • Mon, 03:47: RT @Nady016: Keri's vid doesnt mean she thinks any less of herself,if anything dats the Keri Konfidence yall haters mistake for arrogance.
  • Mon, 03:54: i WAS going to have a shower but......i have to go off on some haters. plus i need to go 2 bed early. it's taco tuesday :)
  • Mon, 03:54: i'm confused..why is bruno tugging that piano around town for? o_O
  • Mon, 03:58: *sniff* so happy right now. i was goin through my stuff and found a russel stover sugar free dark choc bar :D :D :D yayyy
  • Mon, 04:01: does anyone have a gif of them pulling out their guns at the hostage? (from the TWYLM video)
  • Mon, 04:51: RT @TreyMadeMeYUUUP: the new @MissKeriBaby is a mini movie and shes playing a character dnt understand watch the behind the scene http: ...
  • Mon, 04:52: the world is stupid i swear :|
  • Mon, 04:52: i searched keri's name on tumblr and i've noticed that most of the haters are females. :| OF COURSE. jealous bitches