December 5th, 2010

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So my cat broke my new headphones :| a few weeks ago she ran out of her litter box and the cord got caught in her leg and they went flying off my desk onto the floor. i didn't think they broke but a few days later the right part of them snapped in half. i taped them up but it didn't really do any good. thank goodness the wire didn't tear :( but anyway, i have to hold the right side up to my ear otherwise there'll be sound loss and whatnot. hard to explain but to sum this up: they got fucked up, yo :(

BUT, I'm going to send them to Koss to get them repaired. I registered for their Limited Lifetime Warranty so it SHOULD be free to fix. all i have to pay is shipping costs. they'll either repair, replace or refund. i'm going to wait until after christmas, though. but the shipping cost for them to send them back is $6. i'm not sure how much it'll be to send it to them. but i'll cross that bridge when i get to it :P but i'm pretty sure this will all be cheaper than to buy new ones altogether. these headphones cost $30 and it was my birthday present from a friend. and i don't think it'd be fair to him if he had to deal with it. it's all on me. i should do this on my own (with monetary help from someone of course since i'm broke lol!)

it sucks that i gotta wait a few weeks. i can just deal with what i have. holding it up to my ear won't bug me too much. at least they sound good. i hope they replace them instead of repair. but i'm happy with whatever they'll do.

oh, and i think i slept ok last night. went to bed at 1pm and woke up at 1am. i think i sqeezed in 6 hrs of sleep total :)
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