December 11th, 2010

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sad face

My 'new' computer needs a little bit of work. It needs lots of RAM. it has 96MB lol!! the computer has NO programs or anything on it and it runs slower than this crap computer i'm using right now lol. so you can't run shit on that. i need at least 1 GB. i'm sure 1 GB sticks don't cost that much. i don't want to take out the RAM in this computer cuz it's faulty and if the new computer doesn't work out, i can't use this one again. so...i need to get BRAND NEW RAM. and i can't install it myself cuz i'm a harbour for static electricity :( and we don't have any anti-static wristbands. :/ those probably don't cost much money either.'s the worst part: the computer doesn't seem to have an audio card. or at least it doesn't recognize it. maybe it needs drivers, i don't know.

siiiiigh. i can wait until it's fixed, i guess. i just wanted it sooner rather than later. but what can ya do :|

btw, my new layout is cute. oui? non? :)
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