December 18th, 2010

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Keri Hilson "No Boys Allowed" album review

YAYYYYY!!! The time has come. I've been waiting for this for MONTHS :D

my quick review

scale of 1-10..obviously XD (1 being HELL naw to 10 being HELL YEAH!)
1. Pretty Girl Rock - 8
2. Breaking Point - 8.5 (i don't get hate for this. i LOVE it. meh. to each their own)
3. The Way You Love Me - 7.5
4. Buyou - 8 (i'm so glad Kim was replaced)
5. Bahm Bahm - 5.5 (this needs to grow on me)
5b. I Want You - 6 (the beginning reminds me of Kanye West..kinda..did he produce this part?)
6. One Night Stand - 9
7. Lose Control - 9 (*cough*rihannacomparisonsneedtostopsoSHUTTHEFUCKUUUUP*cough*)
7b. Let Me Down - 6
8. Toy Soldier - 10 (i'm disappointed that she didn't write this)
9. Beautiful Mistake - 5 (meh..will take some time getting used to)
10. Gimme What I Want - 10 (i wish this was longer, dammit)
11. All The Boys - 9 (i love her voice in this)
12. PGR remix - 0..i don't fucking care. i hated this remix. fuck it. this should have been replaced by something else. but hey, at least we're getting 4 bonus tracks to make up for this bullshit excuse for a 'remix'.

overall i'd give this an A-

to listen to the songs, search on youtube

BUY her album dammit! it's great!! you won't be disappointed.

any haters come up in here..this will happen to you..
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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