December 26th, 2010

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bad: i deleted lots of userpics :(
good: i uploaded the ones i needed to. the christmas ones, i mean. but i added a total of 24 lol!

So, i'll delete the christmas ones on new years day. i feel so bad for not uploading them sooner. i've been busy and this computer won't upload on firefox. :/ it crashes for some reason.

+I wish i could get more userpics. a bigger package would be nice. i'll ask my friend David when he comes over..sooner or later. he has a week and a half before my stuff expires. but he put his credit card in to automatic payments...i told him about it..he said he didn't mean to. but he would have canceled it by now i'm sure. when it renews and he gets mad, it'll be his fault and not mine lol! i told him about it. i mean, he's not stupid so he knew what he was doing when he payed it. he wouldn't put automatic payments by mistake. was good. got some nice stuff. nothing too fancy. nothing over $30 i'm sure :P but whatever i'm fine with that. it's not the gifs, it's the ppl you're with. i spent it with my ex's family. i love them so much. they're great people. charles was kinda oblivious that i was there. i think he's mad that i dumped him. lol oh well. i'll always be his friend, though..despite the mean shit he did to me. anyhoo, the best present i got was my new Keri Hilson CD..No Boys Allowed..deluxe edition!! *hugs it tightly* someday i hope i can meet her and have her sign it. ♥ the worst present was...nothing :) yayyy

+so...tell me what Boxing Day is exactly. a canada lover usch as myself should know this shit but i don't really know lol!!

+i'm starting to feel sick. SOMEONE gave me something :/ stomach hurts, back hurts, i'm tired as hell, can't breathe good. but i'm washing my hands and sleepin so..i should be ok.

+today is boring as hell :/ i'm waiting to see if David and his family will come over. plus i need to get groceries. well i don't NEED to, but i would like to. anyhoo i'm rambling....

*waves* gotta lay down..head hurts

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