January 6th, 2011

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  • Wed, 21:07: lol @ Twilight losing the awards HAHAHAHHAHAHHA
  • Wed, 21:08: why do ppl love Beautiful Mistake so much? i hate it :| please don't be a single it'll flop!
  • Wed, 21:10: RT @JayLuvsKeri: I just hope keri aint hinting that beautiful mistake will be a single. because in all HONESTY it will be a BEAUTIUL FLOP
  • Wed, 21:13: i can see the nicknames now if it flops: BOOtiful Mistake, Pitiful Mistake...and just Mistake
  • Wed, 21:17: lol jersey shore lost XD
  • Wed, 21:20: i prefer award shows where EVERYONE can vote and not some snooby old person who don't know shit
  • Wed, 21:22: i have a feeling the Grammys and the Golden Globes are gonna piss me off this year. the wrong things will win as always
  • Wed, 21:25: ppl were mad as hell @ keri for that letterman performance. STAY MAD JEALOUS HATERS. she did great and looked amazing don't lie now!
  • Wed, 22:03: THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!! durrrk urr durrrrr #southpark
  • Wed, 23:51: the stupid ass bey stans and other haters are always talkin stupid shit. MOVE... (YouTube http://youtu.be/mG9EMwwvYtY?a)
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