February 3rd, 2011

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  • Wed, 17:29: RT @KeriKrew_VA: @MissKeriBaby Congrats on #PrettyGirlRock becoming Gold. Next up...the whole album....#NoBoysAllowed
  • Wed, 17:31: bawwwwwwww the poor stupid haters are mad @ keri once again. STAY MAD LOSERS!!
  • Wed, 17:32: callin her album "no hits allowed" bitch please. PGR is a hit. U MAD?! XD
  • Wed, 17:33: KERI AIN'T DONE YET!! :) haters, i got a couple of chairs for you to sit your hatin asses down in >:D
  • Wed, 17:34: and they act like the album is a flop and a failure. NO. #44 isn't bad. at all. AT LEAST IT'S CHARTIN! what are YOU doin with your lives? :)
  • Wed, 17:35: album is almost halfway to gold and it's only been a month. how long did it take for IAPW to go gold? months.
  • Wed, 17:36: ~jealousy is the ugliest trait~
  • Wed, 17:39: i'm cold as hell. i gotta go lay back down in my sort-of-warm bed. it's gonna be 30F in phoenix tonight ...and 26F tomorrow night :/
  • Wed, 17:40: i know dat doesn't compare 2 other parts of da country but still..it's cold as shit 4 phoenicians :| & my 2 little heaters ain't cuttin it
  • Wed, 22:22: glasses broke and i have 2 sit 4 inches from the screen to see. at least i know where the keys are. i'm now convinced i died and went 2 hell
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