August 3rd, 2011

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i WAS a keri hilson stan

the keyword is WAS.

I'm just done with her. she constantly flops, her career isn't going anywhere, no one cares about her, she's hated on the most, she continues to do stupid shit, she embarasses herself, she pretty much a joke! and she posted a tasteless pic of an amy winehouse lookalike and that was the icing on the cake. i just..can't with her anymore. i did save her pics and that says something. she is stillin my heart somewhere and i don't HATE her, i just can't continue being a part of the "kerikrew".

this girl Talisa (HotNBothered on ATRL) posted in her album thread to look on her wall (i told talisa the same things i'm telling you guys now) and those stupid "kerikrew" attacked me on ATRL..and on Twitter. so yeah...i should have left the "kerikrew" a long time ago. i don't have time for rude idiots. rude ass bitches they are.

i'm just sick of it all. i was an Evanescence stan WAYYY before keri even went into a recording studio. so now that they're back, my focus is on them. (they took a 5 year break so i got bored waiting)

so my haters can say what they want. I DON'T CARE!! *wears her "WINNING" button*

and before someone says "well you were never a stan to begin with if you're done with her. a stan never gives up"..well you're right. i was more of a fan really.

anyway..had to get that off my chest. *drops the mic and leaves the stage* i'm outie!
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