March 5th, 2012

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Well, I got ANOTHER JOB!! :D This one is with the Arizona Department of Revenue. I get to process tax returns. it's a data entry thing. :)

what sucks is that i won't be home when my computer arrives..which is tomorrow or wednesday. i hoe someone is home when the FedEx person comes. i DO NOT want them to leave my package outside for someone to jack :/ perhaps i should leave a note to call me if no one is home.

anyway..yeah. i gotta go to bed now :( i have to wake up at 440am!! O_O it takes me one hour to get there (and back) on the bus and the job is from 7am-4pm. which leaves me one hour of me-time m-f. so i won't get to play with my new computer until the weekend :( ah well.
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