April 21st, 2012

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can someone help me rename my acct? i don't have $15 in my bank account. my paypal is LMandTMFrvr@msn.com. I WILL PAY YOU BACK!! when i get a job again. i need my remaining money for bus passes and phone cards.

i'm just..tired of this username. tbh, i'm not as crazy about Canada as I used to be :( and this username is giving me headaches in general.

pretty please? THANK YOU! :D


heheh..just went swimming. it felt nice. too many bugs in the pool, though :/ and when i went into the laundry room to change, there were mosquitoes EVERYWHERE!! D: i downloaded a mosquito repellant app but i don't think it works. i googled and i get mixed review. i dunno.
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