February 28th, 2014

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I come back from a long ass hiatus, and a whole bunch of crap goes on. Both online and rl.

What has happened these past few months:
*Health is declining. as usual. Trying to find the $ to see doctors, but I have no luck. I need some rich friends. :/
*A new baby has arrived into the household. So things are hectic. No, I'm not a mommy. :P but let's just say..it's not as quiet as it used to be.
*My job search is at a dead end. I'm sick of it. :/
*I used to go online a few hours a day..now I'm lucky if I even get on once a week!!
*My computer keeps crashing constantly. I can't seem to get ANYTHING done.
*Jeff keeps playing his games. I love him but I hate him.

so there you have it. :P not exactly thorough but no1curr anyway.
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