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09 October 2005 @ 01:46 pm
comp. prob's update...good news actually AND REQUEST!  
i did disk cleanup..which didn't help at all..and noticed 2 HUGE files in particular. they, of course, are .temp files. i don't know what they were there for. but i hope they're not important 'cause i deleted them. they were like 600MB each. there were two of those little buggers. taking up my space. so i downloaded RubbishKiller and got rid of about a GB space. :D

so now its:
used: 5.60GB
free: 2.42GB YIPPEEEEE!!! :D (before i had 1GB)
total: 8.02GB

i'm sooooo happy! :D i had no idea. DEEDEEDEE!! *Carlos Mencia retard impersonation*

no one anywhere mentioned to delete those files. only the internet ones. doy! so i didn't know. i thought temp files were only for internet. hehe. boy was i wrong.
OH OH OH!! you MUST read this:
also, i wanna change my LJ layout. too bad i'm on a free account. i want a cool paid layout. DOES ANYONE WANNA BUY ME A PAID ACCOUNT FOR MY BIRTHDAY?? please? just until i get a job. pretty please with sugar on top? not just to make my layout cool, but to do other neat things too. pretty please? *puppy dog pout*
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