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30 December 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Well, me and Matt cleared a few things up.

1. it's not gonna be a long term relationship.
2. it's not gonna really be a relationship at all.
3. we're just gonna be dating/sleeping together.
4. i won't be the only one. and that's fine with me.
5. he protects himself. and gets tested once a month. so it's safe and ok.

no really. it's fine with me. i need physical attention more than i need emotional attention right now. so i'm not expecting a full on relationship. so i don't care who or what he does.

and yah, that woman who's visiting is..'visiting'. lol. and i don't mind.

besides, i don't see ourselves together in the long run. i can't see myself in the peak of my life taking care of an old man. seriously.

so i'm gonna call him tomorrow night and see what he's doing. he doesn't know. i don't know. we'll see. :)

SERIOUSLY. i'm ok with all this. i want a piece of him. he's gorgeous, IMO. i doubt he'd want a relationship with me anyway. considering my situation. (no job, living with family, etc)

so i'm ok. mmkay. :)
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