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15 October 2008 @ 03:57 pm
i suppose i should post a real update before internet goes kablooey again:

IT'S SO NOT FAIR!! my neice (the older nicer one) bought a kitten a few days ago. CUTEST THING EVER!! his name is Milo. and i thought he was just a few weeks old, but he's 3 months old. he's so TIIIINYYY!!! ♥ I really don't wanna fall in love with him since i already got Zoe. plus he isn't my cat. just hers. i think.. anyhoo, i'll get pics as soon as possible. you'll all go "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!" :) i'm glad that she's relying on me to help out and watch him while she's at work. i just really hope that stupid dog doesn't hurt him. and Zoe isn't too happy. but she'll get used to it. and Zoe knows she's my numba 1 gato, so there's no need to be jealous :)

i'll be posting pics and vids later on. if i can stay online long enough to upload them.


my birthday was................um. so-so. started out bad. between midnight and 5am, our internet was off. so it messed up my schedule. i had to stay up later than i wanted. :/ so i only had a few hours sleep. then the stupid dog jumped on my stomach to get a stuffed animal that was MY PRESENT out of my hand. he thought it was his new toy. fucking mutt! now my stomach hurts, i can barely sleep or bend over. URGH! So anyway, the sister and i go to KMart, and i call Charles (bf)...and i'm surprised to find out that his phone is on. o_O he is VERY clueless about my birthday. he didn't know what day it is. IT'S NOT A HARD DATE TO FORGET!! 10/10. mmkay. anyway, it took awhile but i convinced him to come over. i mean, he HAS to. it's my BIRTHDAY. lol! anyway, the only people who came were him and some of my sister's friends. i didn't want them there :/ i don't know their asses. and this meant that there would be less cake for me *sniff*

So before they came over, me and Charles went in my room for some ~alone time~. which turned out to be EPIC FAIL. I got a free sample of male enhancement vitamins from..some condom company or whatever..and i THOUGHT they'd work. boy was i wrong. i was so upset. NOTHING worked. i tried my best. he failed. he just can't keep his damn penis hard. WTF?! >:( this really frustrates me. i even cried and let out my anger and whatnot. a 25 yr old man shouldn't be having this problem. and it makes me feel unsexy. :/ i'm so pissed off at him. i know he won't get help with it. he's lazy as fuck. so..i guess that's it then. i need physical attention. and he's not giving me that. he's not there for me, either. i only see him very seldomly, and i'm sick of being lonely and forgotten. SO FUCK HIS ASS


i bought a printer yesterday. a $40 HP printer/scanner/copier. i got pretty lucky! :) i had to buy a stupid USB cable, though. :/ didn't know i had to. i ended up spending all of my birthday money. i wanted some Corner Gas stuff but i guess i'll have to wait until Christmas. ah well. i didn't install the printer yet. i'm taking my time. i really hope it works on this computer.

i also got one of those Ped Egg things :D pretty freaking sweet :)


so............i'm bored. i should surf teh web until it goes out again. sometimes it's on for hours, sometimes it's off for hours. it's frustrating. i'm waiting for my sister to get home so she can call the cable company so they can come fix this shit.

so until this problem is resolved, i'm not gonna be doing much online. :/ i can't, really. i'm so backed up with crap enough as it is. i'm really slow and i apologize.
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