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19 June 2009 @ 12:00 pm
Daily Shizz  
What's been goin' on....

  • 14:52 heehee..hey keri fans...the trending topic #inaperfectworld....i wonder how that came about #
  • 05:57 #inaperfectworld is a great album :D hehhehhe. still a trending topic. #2 to be exact :D #
  • 05:59 #inaperfectworld @MissKeriBaby. next single = i'm quite fond of Tell Him The Truth #
  • 06:00 that ballerina girl in that Shinedown video is really pretty. i gotta find out who she is 8D #
  • 06:02 @Stassi09 the other night a bey stan thought bey would be a trending topic cuz of the video/dvd thing that aired on BET. lol! too bad so sad #
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