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31 July 2009 @ 02:14 am
From Twitter 07-30-2009  

  • 00:56:54: i broke my bottom tooth..the one all the way in the back..on a pretzel..and it's scratching my tongue. UUUUURRRGH KILL ME NOW!!!
  • 00:57:40: @BriLiyahFanatic yah i know!!! i picked the wrong week to go to a friends house D:
  • 01:09:59: @kat15lee well my ex-bf is a moron. and i'm a little depressed. but i'm happy to be home :)
  • 18:18:41: are you Team Eminem or Team Mariah?
  • 20:40:46: KYD is #3 now :D :D :D and BEP's I Gotta Feeling has been #1 for 17 weeks. hoooooly crap!
  • 23:37:28: i threw away the gifts he gave me. my arm, shoulder and neck hurt b/c of him. i hope karma gets him back good. BYE LOSER!

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