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10 August 2009 @ 02:08 am
From Twitter 08-09-2009  

  • 02:52:58: wtf i thought for sure that the sausage innuendo clip from Hell's Kitchen would be on The Soup this week :(
  • 02:56:36: i let my cat lick my fingers. not sure why. it's nothing sexual..if you're wondering :P
  • 05:46:28: i think it's stupid that people think Lorne Cardinal and Cheri Maracle are still married. it's been over for almost a year, people. MOVE ON
  • 06:11:08: may have been longer than a year i dunno. but STILL. people need to update their sites
  • 19:24:14: WOW WHAT A GREAT ROLE MODEL YOU ARE, MILEY!! http://i29.tinypic.com/31361ys.jpg >:[ SHAME
  • 21:11:41: mmmmm Mario Lopez. DO ME NOW. ayyyyyyyyyy papi!!!!
  • 21:45:27: LOL..."hic hop"..interestin
  • 21:46:46: @1beachsax11 FINALLY!! bye bye stupid board. bye bye (hopefully)
  • 21:47:31: @math_d0rk lol damn straight!! i lol'd so hard @ her
  • 21:47:55: @Schroeder1174 she probably likes her Gimme More video
  • 21:50:23: so did Keri win that Teen Choice Award or not? it was today..still airing tomorrow, of course. DAMMIT I WANNA KNOW!! i'm impatient
  • 22:35:10: i'm torn between voting for Vogue Evolution, Southern whatever, or Beat Ya Feet Kings. HALP!!!!
  • 22:37:09: @BriLiyahFanatic i'm here
  • 22:39:33: @Schroeder1174 there was a pic of her little sister and friends posing with a pole of some kind. :/ that family needs to wake up
  • 22:41:00: RT @prettyboyP619 keri hilson should have stayed lookin like she did in the usher video..damn lol (I AGREE. she never looked more sexy)
  • 22:44:43: @DaveHolmes oh HELL NO!! you better NOT be hatin on COrner Gas >:( move to the fucking left
  • 23:19:25: @Schroeder1174 LOL!!! sweet niblets

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