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11 August 2009 @ 02:06 am
From Twitter 08-10-2009  

  • 00:06:33: so i'm lookin at the TCA winners list. so much FAIL!!!! predictable. urgh teens. wtf
  • 00:36:10: god i fucking hate Joan Rivers. urgh ugly ass hag..diaf. i'm still gonna watch the Roast, though
  • 00:37:00: i really hope Dane Cook's diss to Vanessa Hudgens at the TCA's makes it on tv. EPIC!!
  • 01:04:13: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/08/06/new.york.wrong.way.crash/index.html my mom did this once. drove drunk. crashed into fence. no one hurt :(
  • 01:25:24: EPIC WIN ROAST!! OMG!! i LOOOOOVE Brad Garrett. <3
  • 01:27:06: @KimKardashian WOW!! beaaaauuuuutiful!! :D
  • 19:21:17: that split on the top of Jordin's dress happened on it's own XD POW!! SCORCH!!
  • 20:30:32: there are nekkid pics of Ashley Greene now...celebs never learn :/ she has nice tits, though. :P
  • 20:34:07: so the Dane Cook diss to Vanessa was cut. OF COURSE. fucking Fox. i wanted to see the epicness URRRRGH >:[
  • 20:40:53: something called "I Keep Falling in Love"..that is NOT Keri Hilson. people who think so are true morons. sounds nothing like her
  • 20:59:45: urgh...glad that shit is over..i shoulda stayed in bed, though :/

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