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27 August 2009 @ 10:14 am

Stupid internet is off. AGAIN. yup. you heard right. my sis is behind on bills, so we're gonna have to wait about a week. not sure really. she has to pay the rent first.

so i'm gonna go to the library every few days, and use my time to make graphics and whatnot.

it was the wrong time for it to turn off. i wanted to join the cast of Aaron Stone in a ustream chat tomorrow. but noooooo i don't get to :( i did yesteday, though. *pss!! JP has a gf :( * well that was fun at least. but still..damn :( things happen at the wrong time.

this week just gets worse, don't it? urgh!

i won't be able to pick up any graphics until the internet gets put back on. please don't put me on your DNM list. ok?! ok :)

*sigh* bye :(