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03 September 2009 @ 09:32 am
turns out that i AM getting mail. just not free samples. i think someone is stealing them. urgh. i'll get to the bottom of that.

anyway, i got a piece of mail from Charles..the man that hit me and emotionally abused me..remember? i wish i could. the other day he called my sister in the morning to ask for our address. I TOLD HER TO HANG UP IF HE CALLS. she used "but i was sleeping" as an excuse :/ anyway, he sent me a SpongeBob stick with "To Laurie From Charles. oxoxoxox" on it. :/ THAT IS NOT AN APOLOGY TO ME. fuck that! not accepting. sorry asshole.

so yeah..if you sent me something....sorry about that. but ignore my mail post. unless you WANT to send me something. i'm bored here. lol!