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14 September 2009 @ 10:24 pm
i know half of you have seen this already buuuuut...

i knew patrick was gonna be next. i called it. fucking called it.

but yeah..RIP :( *sniff*
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
☮ ❤ Crissywife_and_mom on September 15th, 2009 05:32 am (UTC)
I'm totally upset over him. It's hard to believe he's gone. Hopefully this isn't a warning that the awesome celebrities I enjoyed during my younger days are dying out. People say it comes in threes, which was true with Michael, Farrah & Ed McMahon. It's depressing.
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on September 15th, 2009 07:12 am (UTC)
yah i agree. :( i hate losing what i loved as a child. Brad Renfro and Jonathan Brandis to name a few :(

now i'm all sad now. *sniff*
☮ ❤ Crissywife_and_mom on September 15th, 2009 09:46 am (UTC)
OMG I didn't know Jonathan Brandis killed himself & Brad Renfro died too until I looked it up just now! I'm way behind and now depressed even more. *sniff*
Heather: Twilightmoviesurfer on September 15th, 2009 05:31 pm (UTC)
That graphic was so wrong and yet I can't help but LOL at it. Does this make me a bad person?
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on September 16th, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
we're all bad inside :P
jennso_severus on September 18th, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
wow I feel awful for thinking that is hysterical

Patrick Swayze was so fantastic. He will be missed by so many and his awesomeness will live on forever though with generations to come with his movies :) :)