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15 December 2009 @ 08:50 pm
I'm a maker at 4 places right now. but at _glitter_ i barely get ANY requests. :( every..time. I think I overstayed my welcome there. but i just can't decide if i should not be a maker there anymore. so, i need your help...

This poll is closed.

Should i leave _glitter_ as a maker?



EDIT: well. i did it. i left. :( but it's for the best. people know where to find me. :)
☮ ❤ Crissy: *Seasonal* Santa is coming to townwife_and_mom on December 16th, 2009 04:13 am (UTC)
I said yes only because I don't like making in comms where people don't request. It makes me feel like they don't like my work. I think you should look for somewhere else to make where people will request your pretties. <3

You're welcome to join us at my comm if you want too.
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™: FREEBIE: lm and lcblossombunny on December 16th, 2009 11:31 am (UTC)
do you mean @ iconic_heaven?
☮ ❤ Crissywife_and_mom on December 16th, 2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
No, I'm deleting that comm, you mentioning it reminded me to do that lol. I mean my new comm, enviious
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on December 17th, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
sure! :) that would be great!

& RIP iconic_heaven :(
☮ ❤ Crissywife_and_mom on December 18th, 2009 06:19 am (UTC)
I gave you posting access. :)
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on December 21st, 2009 07:17 am (UTC)
yayyyy thank you so much! :D i'll post in a few days when i get a few things in order