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12 April 2010 @ 03:42 am
some tasteless jokes courtesy of omg_too_soon


What does it take to bring down a government?

Some fog, high treetops and a Tupolev 154.


What's the difference between Poland and my pencil case?

My pencil case has a ruler


yuk yuk yuk

ANYHOO, computer is having some issues. my msconfig.exe file was missing and i had to download a replacement online and had to use the win xp disk instead to replace it. i ran it and some .exe file i've never seen before ran at the same time. forgot what it was called (i googled and results say it's a safe system file, but comments have suggested it downloads viruses) but after i exited out of msconfig a virus warning popped up. so i put that virus file in quarantine. i doubt it was the msconfig file but i clicked on a site in Opera and Opera crashed. and now i can't read my feeds :/ it says to restart the computer to reset Opera Mail. :/ wtf is going on?? i'm running virus and spyware scans right now. i'm scared to restart it. so i'm backing up my shit just in case. using the computer in the living room. smh :(

FUCK! when will this shit end? i'm never getting a new computer :/ i've pretty much given up hope. wtf man. wtf.

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my life
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