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12 April 2010 @ 11:45 pm
MORE computer drama? surely you jest! D:

so late last night i was trying to fix some computer problems and suddenly i smell smoke. wasn't sure what it was @ first but figured it out. it's the computer monitor :( i smell smoke coming from the top of it. i'm guessing dust and whatnot got in and is messing it up. the screen is slightly dark on the bottom and it gets lighter. it's like a clear to black gradient on 5% opacity. if that makes sense. i don't want a fire but i don't want to not use it anymore. i'm not sure how much longer it'll last. :(

me and my sister went to the grocery store and when i came home my room REEKED of smoke :( there would have been a fire. fuck my material possessions (that could easily be replaced)..i coulda lost my cat zoe, my family photo albums, my toronto trip memorabilia, my tapes that have rare stuff on it (jett jackson, tony munch movies, etc), and whatnot. coulda been bad :(

i think the main cause of this mess is my overheated and overclogged surge protector. as soon as i plugged my A/C into another cord going into the house, the smoke smell stopped. :)

doesn't smell like smoke now but i'm afraid the damage has been done. i'm going to have to get used to how the screen looks now.

so one day when i get a job i think i'll get a Mac. i hear good things about them. if you have a Mac, give me some pros and cons :) thanks!
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