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30 January 2006 @ 03:39 am
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I just HAVE to let pride made a post about this. hehehe.

got 1st place, of course. one of the best icons i've ever done. i tend to work harder when there are a lot of entries...if you guys notice a pattern. lol!

so yeah..me very proud. :D i knew it would happen. teehee.

[mood| accomplished]
[music| Megan McCauley - Reverie]
Jesijustjesi on January 30th, 2006 12:18 pm (UTC)
Wow congrats! :D
I really like the icon! ^^
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on January 30th, 2006 12:21 pm (UTC)
thanks :D it took forever! O_O
__supericons on January 30th, 2006 12:32 pm (UTC)
Well done :D :D its a very nice icon.
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on January 30th, 2006 01:02 pm (UTC)
tyvm! :) followed a tutorial. turned out better than i expected
katazhena on January 30th, 2006 12:54 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! :)
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™: IKblossombunny on January 30th, 2006 01:01 pm (UTC)
*blushes* thanks :D it was fun
ladyhail: witbicon1ladyhail on January 30th, 2006 01:33 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! That's a really cool icon and you deserve it - you do work pretty damn hard and put lots of thought into your icons :)
ιнεαяттσяσηтσ™blossombunny on January 31st, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
thanks dear. :D