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21 December 2010 @ 12:16 pm
My tweets  
  • Mon, 19:24: boy don't tease me ggggive me what i want ggggive me what i want ggggive me what i want
  • Mon, 19:26: iwantitupdownallaroundputitdownonmenow ...or some shit :P
  • Mon, 19:30: *fist pumps to Gimme What I want* that would be a hot video. SINGLE, PLEASE? @MissKeriBaby
  • Mon, 19:32: lol @ the video of Chris Brown humpin Keri XD they would NEVER be a couple, guys. she don't get with industry folk
  • Mon, 19:54: GO CRYSTAL BOWERSOX!! :D
  • Mon, 19:58: RT @TeamKeri_NC: Keri Hilson is one of a kind!She is really talented!She`s writes songs records and makes time for her fans!#ThasaREALar ...
  • Mon, 19:59: are the ciara stans still mad @ keri? they should move the fuck on now. keri did and so did ciara. they're friends again. CHECK IT
  • Mon, 20:14: my cat didn't sleep by my side last night. it kinda hurt my feelings. it's like she's mad at me for something o_O
  • Mon, 20:14: RT @MissKeriBaby: I can't believe it, guys. My 2nd album, really? Feel so blessed to have your support & for allowing me to get this far ...
  • Mon, 20:45: went out to get ice cream and came back with pizza and garlic bread instead. om nom nom