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22 December 2010 @ 10:44 am
well...today is the day. i'm going to attemp to transfer computers. i need to put the RAM back into it and HOPEFULLY it'll work. i still need to upload some more stuff from this computer. i don't think i'll get firefox again (since it's a memory hog) so i'll try with Opera. so i don't really need to backup anything except my bookmarks.

i hear that even if you see 96MB of RAM, that there is still RAM uncounted for and it'll still work. i sure hope so. we'll see. i doubt the RAM sticks are faulty. they look fairly new.

this is gonna be a long ass day. i only got 5 hrs of sleep but i couldn't fall back asleep. plus my back kept hurting so..had no choice. i'm tired as hell :(

i still need to check my flist first lol!!