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18 February 2011 @ 01:42 pm
yayyyy i get the whole weekend to myself. :D i can get shit done for once! like those requests i was supposed to do. and clear my DVR and computer of tv stuffs. and sleep. of course :D

i had a horrible thought, though. what if i'm gone one day and my computer catches on fire?? D: my cat would die!! D: out of all the things i have, she is the most important to me. her life matters to me the most out of everything i got. screw my possessions, she's the special thing in my life that makes me whole. if something happened to her i would die :(

plus i got a shelf that has cans full of chemicals (like degreaser, car stuff, insect spray, etc) and if there was a fire i think my room would probably explode or something D: so let's hope that my computer doesn't catch on fire...especially if i'm not home.

i need to find a box to put that crap in so there is no exlody :(
Current Mood: tiredtired