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20 February 2011 @ 12:00 pm
My tweets  
  • Sat, 15:48: I liked a YouTube video -- Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi http://youtu.be/HAfFfqiYLp0?a
  • Sat, 18:24: yesss the all-star game is gonna start any minute now. GO KERI!!
  • Sat, 18:26: are they gonna air it at least? i hear that it was performed online :(
  • Sat, 18:27: if they don't air it, it'll most likely be on youtube anyway. lol
  • Sat, 18:37: *throws remote* waste of time. hell, at least i know now. twitter always gives the tea
  • Sat, 19:00: it better be put on youtube. that shit made firefox crash :/
  • Sat, 19:01: since she's performing in the pre-game tomorrow i guess they won't air that either :|
  • Sat, 19:55: b o r e d