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21 February 2011 @ 12:31 pm
My tweets  
  • Sun, 18:04: i saw keri on that live cam thing..standing around. she looks GOOOOOD!! when does she perform? in the beginning or the half time show?
  • Sun, 18:06: hurry up and perform keri, i will NOT miss family guy/cleveland show. my DVR has no room lol!
  • Sun, 18:06: c'mon i wanna see some action!
  • Sun, 18:07: lol @ them panning the camera on random audience members XD what if they're picking their nose? CANDID CAMERA LOL
  • Sun, 18:08: why are you guys talkin about ciara for? what did he do now?
  • Sun, 18:12: nm i dun curr about ceeurruhhhh
  • Sun, 18:12: *i fucking hate waiting britney gif*
  • Sun, 18:13: what's going on? it got dark there. is it starting???
  • Sun, 18:14: IT'S STARTING!! but who's performing?
  • Sun, 18:14: i bet it's kanye and riri
  • Sun, 18:15: yesss
  • Sun, 18:17: my sister yellin at me FOR NOTHING. fuck this. going back to my room
  • Sun, 18:28: my fucking lame computer won't view twitvids :/ and i don't know any software/extentions that can rip twitvids.
  • Sun, 18:31: http://twitvid.com/4YKEY - @jose3030 do you happen to have the national anthem she performed yesterday? *wibble*
  • Sun, 18:33: so they'll show the national anthem from canada TODAY but not the fucking ones from YESTERDAY on tv? come on now :( BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Sun, 18:33: yasssssssss CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!! *stans*
  • Sun, 18:34: you're lucky i love you josh groban
  • Sun, 18:35: ah well :| shitty day
  • Sun, 18:36: fuck TNT
  • Sun, 18:36: canada haters are fat americans lol
  • Sun, 18:36: ooh so THAT was melanie fiona. i've heard of her but i've never heard her sing
  • Sun, 18:38: the only shitty thing about canada is their election choices :/ harper? that ford guy? c'mon canada get it right lol!
  • Sun, 18:38: BIEBER ALERT = terror alert
  • Sun, 18:40: the ONLY one in my family who is super nice to me 24/7 is my older niece brianna. but i think it's out of pity :| everyone else is RUDE
  • Sun, 18:41: so who is playing during this all-star thing? what teams?
  • Sun, 18:43: i don't get this all star thing someone fill me in. i'm not a basketball fanatic so i don't know lol
  • Sun, 18:45: oooh ok i get it now. nm lol! derp
  • Sun, 18:46: anyone from the Suns? lol probably not. we suck balls
  • Sun, 18:50: RT @SethMacFarlane: Was JK Rowling just messing with us this whole time? ‘Cause it’s right there in her name.
  • Sun, 18:55: i guess i'll watch confessions animal hoarding and have the game on picture-in-picture and wait for the half time show
  • Sun, 20:01: lol mr herbert is my fave #familyguy member :)
  • Sun, 20:03: i'm so glad i'm DVRing the half time show. i LOVVVVE all of the lights
  • Sun, 20:13: "remember kids, she's not a whore unless she's an actress"
  • Sun, 20:18: abe lincoln was fug as hell D:
  • Sun, 20:18: lol random thoughts. that's what twitter is for!! :)
  • Sun, 20:19: chili and saltines. MY LIFE. it tastes so good *drool*
  • Sun, 20:20: meg has the potential to grow up super hot. i hope she does so she can kick her family's ass
  • Sun, 20:21: lmao herbert's dog jesse and his dead back legs XD
  • Sun, 20:23: the only pedophile/teen relationship i support, other than ezra/aria, is chris/herbert <3
  • Sun, 20:25: DEADDD @ this fight XD GO HERBERT!
  • Sun, 20:28: i love that lilttle laugh cleveland does at the end of the cleveland show theme XD awwwww too cute
  • Sun, 20:32: which cleveland jr do you prefer? the one on family guy who was skinny and hyper, or the one on cleveland show who is chubby and timid?
  • Sun, 20:33: rollo is the best character IMO
  • Sun, 20:37: i stopped eating boogers when i was in 5th grade i think. or 4th can't remember lol!!!!!!
  • Sun, 20:39: that Rango movie looks dumb :| sry
  • Sun, 20:42: i know it's a cartoon but OMGEWWTF ROLLO EATING BOOGERS D: oh goddddddddd
  • Sun, 20:43: good thing i'm not eating
  • Sun, 20:43: this song is gross D: MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!! why seth whyyyy do this to the world D:
  • Sun, 20:45: i've never been to a club before. only a few bars :|