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24 March 2011 @ 12:04 pm
My tweets  
  • Wed, 15:50: @KimKardashian perfume name - Les Maladies Sexuellement Transmissibles
  • Wed, 15:51: oh shit did they show a ONS preview on 106? sweet!
  • Wed, 16:09: well?
  • Wed, 16:16: i have a plan to know if ppl go in my room >:D go through my shit and you'll pay the price
  • Wed, 19:05: lol i love draggin idiots on the blogs XD lollll
  • Wed, 19:06: loll a lady gaga stan called KERI UGLY. u kiddin right? XD tew much! better 2 b a graceful songbird than an alien gargoyle
  • Wed, 19:07: lol i bet gaga stans will come @ me. BRING IT. i'll just ignore your asses. i got work in the mornin. i got al life and shit to do
  • Wed, 19:12: lol i had my A/C on earlier today, now it's cold and i have to turn on my heater. ahhhh spring in phoenix :P
  • Wed, 19:13: lol if Pia and Thia are the top 2 in the finale. hey it could happen XD
  • Wed, 19:19: well, i voted for my faves. i hope paul and pia are in the finale. or james/pia. idgaf. & does ANYONE care about stefano? lol
  • Wed, 19:20: i like thia but she's boring :| she's an asian leona lewis. stick to ballads, girl
  • Wed, 19:36: jacob black OWN THIS SHIT
  • Wed, 19:45: lol 'willow' deleted that tweet
  • Wed, 19:47: stefano you're boring go away
  • Wed, 19:53: you know a child's brain isn't fully developed XD
  • Wed, 19:57: @India_Arie crystal bowersox's album did better than lee dewyze's lmaoooo. just sayin :P (she should have won)
  • Wed, 20:06: AHHH!!! the Fringe preview made me get chills!! D: the thing movin in fauxlivia's stomach D:
  • Wed, 20:08: go away scotty. i hate your voice. i hate country :|
  • Wed, 20:18: pia is flawless 8D