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Wow..my computer hasn't been off/restarted since Jan. 23rd. O_O and it's running fine. basically, it hasn't had a rest in a month now. that's the longest i've had it on...ever. wierd!!

and don't worry about it getting overheated..the side cover is open. we lost it during the move. :( well, the hard drive sticks out so i couldn't put it back on. lol.

other than it being slow as usual, i've not had problems with it. the freezing-every-now-and-then has stopped. from what i can tell. and ever since i upgraded winamp, that stopped crashing. :) so far, so good.

i got 800MB of space left. -_- 'cause of those Sarah Brightman albums i downloaded. they're IMPORTANT to me. as long as i don't go overboard with the music and pictures, i'll be fine.

i've got sooooo many icon/graphic textures, that i gotta make another folder. i got about 100MB or so of zip files that i gotta unzip. most of those ARE textures..as well as brushes and masks. geez! there isn't a day that goes by without me downloading some sort of graphic resource. obsessed? addicted? maybe. and 80% of the stuff i download, i don't even use! LOL!!

oh yes, and i changed my email. now i get comment replies at:
esmeraldafitzgerald @ yahoo.ca

that's right..a yahoo CANADA email addy. hehe. who's Esmeralda Fitzgerald? my HP character, of course. she looks like her:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
That's Megan Ewing..a model..whom i ADORE :D if Esme was real (er..in the books) and if she was an actress, she'd play her. lol! seriously.

Name: (you already know that)
Bday: somewhere in 1960..not figured out m/d yet. (she'd be 36 in HBP, though)
Homeland: Canada. her family immigrated to the UK a few years after she was born. her dad got a job working at the MOM (in which at some point he becomes the Minister of Magic..VERY briefly..due to a political scandal/DE connections)..and her mom works at St. Mungo's.
Hair: black as a raven
Eyes: bright blue. glowy-ish..'cause of her special powers/abilities
Ethnicity: half white/half black. her dad is white..her mom is black.
Other family?: she has a brother..he's a few years older than her. he's a more dark complexion than she is. freckles as well. she has NO TIES to any wizarding families in the UK. no connection to the Blacks, either. lol!
Height: 5'10
Weight: ?? i dunno..who cares?
Personality: she's a snark. a funny one at that. she has a very smart mouth. she likes to tease and annoy. ESPECIALLY Moody. lol! well, the fake one anyway. even Snape smirks at her jokes/puns/putdowns. teeheheh.
Quotes: *'Moody' walks into the Great Hall* "uh oh..Snape? did you let another troll in?" and...*when "Moody" is doing the ferrett thing*..(to herself) "his heartbeat is irregular..it's familiar..can't put my finger on it.." *goes up to him*.."..hey Moody..remember that dog i gave you? a few years ago? what did you name him?"..*he replies* "i don't know..i call it a lot of things"...*she is shocked and angry* "..I DIDN'T GIVE YOU A DOG! you don't feed the ones you have!!"..*he gets a worried look..mumbles something while walks away*..."...Fitzy..."..NO ONE has EVER called her Fitzy except for Barty Jr..so that was the first clue. lol.
What does she do at Hogwarts?: well, she's not a professor. she's mostly in charge of grades, paperwork, etc. she does misc. duties. and she's BFF's with Sinistra and Vector. teehe.
So, what about these so-called special powers/abilities?: well, it's basically this. (this doesn't exist in the HP world..i made it up..OK? so, it's quite fine) she has..i can't find the right word..uh..twice as better senses as normal people do. which means, the 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) is stronger than ours. she can hear conversations in the next room, even with steel walls. and see miles away..w/o binoculars. and she can taste if food is bad days before normal people can. and she can also hear people's heartbeats, and she records each one in her memory. so she can detect if you're standing behind her..or outside her door. and if someone that's in disguise under the polyjuice potion, that can be detected as well. there are only 5 of these types in the wizarding world. nobody knows why they have these abilities. and they're infertile, as well. she can't have no babies. :( that's a mystery that's not been solved yet, as well. wierd? who cares? i like it. lol! (imagine what orgasms for them are like? i'd LOVE to know. hehe)
House?: slytherin
good? evil?: she used to be a Death Eater. she's not really that much of the evil type, so her powers or whatever are what Voldie wanted her for. she was useful to him. but of course, she did have a mean streak. she killed a homeless muggle 'cause he groped her..put him under the Imperius curse and had him 'commit suicide' in front of a Toronto subway train. she joined mostly because the love of her life/BFF4Evr Snape was in it. she left around the same time he did. Alastor Moody reformed her and helped her change her life around. he figured she was one of the more weaker DE's and could easily be reformed. and besides, she's too good for Azkaban. so now, her evil side is coming back. after taking much crap from a lot of people, ESPECIALLY Sirius Black..her taste for revenge is boiling. and some people think she had Bella kill Sirius. we may never know..lol.
What's with her and Severus?: like i said, they're BFF's/lovers/etc. ever since they were kids. they met when she moved to London (or wherever Severus lived)..they were neighbors. she didn't really meet him until a playground incedent. kids were picking on him, and she defended him. she pushed those meanies down and put sand in their hair. and they were fast friends. she was the only one he had in the world. she was always there to defend him. even in school. she wanted to kick Sirius' ass so badly, but she didn't wanna get expelled. when "his worst memory" happened, he ran somewhere to go cry, and she went to hold him..he cried in her arms, and she promised she'd never leave. and that was their first kiss. AWWW!! :D but that certainly wasn't their last. heehee. they had good times..and bad. they eventually got married. (before Sirius' death) at their wedding reception, Sirius played a mean joke. he had Rita Skeeter barge in on the celebrations, to do a scandalous report. Sirius was outside, laughing his ass off, and she came out and punched him. she yelled, "YOU'RE A DEAD MAN, BLACK!! JUST YOU WAIT!!"..and THAT remark 'caused her some trouble when he died. -_- but that incedent didn't stop her and Sevvy to not enjoy their wedding night. *wink wink* anyway, time passed..etc...he kills Dumbledore...she 'dies' of a broken heart. etc. but is she really dead? maybe. maybe she faked her death and ran away with Severus somewhere. or maybe she faked her death and ran away with IGOR..who also maybe faked his death.
WHAT?! did you say her and IGOR? KARKAROFF?: yes i did. she had a romantic tie with him as well. he had a crush on her in the DE days. but she was dating Barty Jr. at the time. so..he had no luck. UNTIL the Triwizard Tournament. (during his trial, when he was giving out names, he didn't say her name..she was just as guilty as the rest of them..but he didn't do that 'cause of his feelings for her..that and his belief that she don't deserve that fate) It was sooo long that they've not seen each other, that they barely talked until the Yule Ball. that's the night they fell in love (aww :) ) she wasn't getting along with Severus, for stupid reasons, so she put all her attention on Igor...which pissed Sevvy off!! :( anyhoo, they did their little thing in her room, post-Yule Ball. and were together until the night he fled. he promised her that they'd meet again and it'd be best if she not go with him. see, after the tournament, she was gonna leave Hogwarts and go be with him in Durmstrang. he promised her a teaching position...and to keep her warm every night ;) heheh. well..didn't happen of course. when he was gone, fearing her safety..and his, he didn't make an attempt to contact her. no letters, nothing. she got worried. and angry. she thought, "heh..he must not care about me that much..if he's still alive"..well, when she got word that he died, she wasn't all that surprised or upset. until she got a love letter..a very LONG one..about 20 pages. :( THEN she cried...for weeks straight. she even wore a coat he gave her often. :( so sad. BUT, not the end of them, 'cause when she died, his spirit came to get her..so wherever they are..heaven or hell, they're together. :D
uh..anymore? gonna write fics with this?: fics? uh..probably not. i just got my storyline. i'm not much of a writer. i might. who knows.

ooook i'm done. heh.

13 days until GoF DVD
11 days until Oscars

[mood| sleepy]
[music| ahhh silence..glad my family left for school. peace and quiet :D ]

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