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07 August 2006 @ 03:03 am
i am MAD! there are about 10-15 people, about my age, swimming in the middle of the night. THE POOL IS SUPPOSED TO BE BLEEPIN' CLOSED!! and they're doing something to the ground, so it's closed anyhow. i could NOT find the security guard. so, i'm writing a note to the office. OFFICIAL COMPLAINT #1. crappy apartment complex. i bet they don't even live here. this place should be gated. geezus. WHERE THE HECK IS THE STUPID SECURITY GUARD?! i bet he let them in there. GRAHHHHHH!! >:(

but actually, i'm not mad 'cause the noisy ass upstairs neigbours FINALLY freaking moved. i went outside when i woke up earlier today, saw a U-Haul truck, looked upstairs, and they were moving stuff. inside, i screamed with joy. my prayers were answered for once. no more ground stomping idiots. no more kids riding their scooters across the balcony. it's all over. :D :D :D

i hope the next neighbors will be light foot midgets or maybe an old quiet person. none of this crap again.
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L: Madnick 1//Made by blackdaggersicyblugurl on August 7th, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
My friend's used to live in a complex where her and her friends would raid the pool in the middle of the night and put shopping carts in the pool. She didn't get in trouble for that, but some of her friends did.

Yes, put in that complaint!