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23 August 2006 @ 10:43 pm
Tutorial 2  
Yay! I actually made one! :D Other than the color guide, of course. I was fiddling around and stuff.

From to

First, you should know that this won't work on lighter pics. Unless you wanna adjust the screen layer opacity. That might work. Otherwise, this is for slightly darker pics. (but not too dark)

1. The usual. Duplicate layer..set to screen. Do it again and set to soft light.

2. New layer. #CCAB38 on Soft Light (100%)

3. New Layer. #FBB7F1 on Multiply (50%)

4. New layer. #B7D5FF on Color Burn (25%)

5. Duplicate the duplicated soft light base, bring to top.

6. New Layer. #FCF58A on Screen (25%)

7. Make a curves adjustment layer. Here are the points:
Green- point 1 - 74/62. point 2 - 118/146
Blue- point 1 - 68/152

It looks funny right now, I know. But now you'll set this layer to Soft Light (50%)

8. New Layer. #FFF1AE on Soft Light (50%)

And you're done :D Have fun.

More examples:

(If you want to use any of my examples, go ahead)
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